Why traditional Christmas and greeting cards are still preferred

Most North American feel a card in the mail is worth two on the screen
Studies show that more than 90% of Canadian and American households buy greeting cards, with an average household purchasing 30 individual cards in a year. 9 out of 10 Canadians and Americans say they look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards because cards allow them to keep in touch and top-of-mind with business associates, clients, suppliers, family and friends. They say that cards make recipients feel important.

Technology useful but not personal
Although Canadians and Americans value e-mail, text messaging and phone calls for general communication with those that are important to them, the majority say they prefer the old-fashioned handwritten card or letter when they want to make someone feel truly special.

Emotional response as important as the message
Experts believe that electronic devices provide functional connection, but that traditional holiday and greeting cards also stimulate the senses while connecting people. A well-chosen card’s pictorial scene or genre further binds and connects people together by creating emotional responses that can be felt for days, weeks and even years! Electronic e-cards seldom provide this on-going emotional stimulation.